In-company training programs, assessments and development processes – tailored to the actual needs.

Leadership and Management

  • Leadership Culture Development

    As leaders, we need to be the change we want to see in the world. (After Gandhi)

  • Organizational Culture Development

    Culture is the foundation of all our aspirations. Nurture it, care for it, and everything will be easier!

  • Leadership Effectiveness

    „The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority.” (Ken Blanchard)

  • Organizational Effectiveness

    „Organizational effectiveness does not lie in that narrow-minded concept called rationality. It lies in the blend of clearheaded logic and powerful intuition.” (Henry Mintzberg)

  • Becoming a Leader

    „We will train our new leaders after they have proven that they can do what’s expected!” (Average firm)

  • Change Management

    It is not true that change is constant. The nature of change has changed.

  • Coaching Essentials

    Good coaches don’t teach; they support learning.

  • Performance Appraisal, Performance Management

    Performance appraisal systems don’t just improve effectiveness, but also lower staff turnover – if done well.

  • Leadership Coaching

    Maximizing individual performance and skills

Employee Satisfaction

  • Staff Turnover Issues

    Attract, keep, and develop your talent!

  • Generation Issues

    We are all human beings, regardless of age. If we understand that, we take the first step to close the generation gaps.

  • Performance Appraisal, Performance Management

    A good performance appraisal system is key for employee satisfaction.


  • Sales Management

    „The best sales managers may spend 50% of their time coaching their people.” (Dave Kurlan)

  • Salesperson Development

    “Low paid salesmen are expensive. High paid salesmen are cheap.” (Philip Kotler)

  • Asserting Our Interest, Negotiation Techniques

    „You do not get what you want. You get what you negotiate.” (Harvey Mackay)

  • Salesperson Selection Support

    Select the best salespeople, and accelerate the process

  • Sales For Non-Sales

    Everyone who is in contact with customers should participate in selling!

  • Presentation Techniques

    Present your products and solutions confidently and persuasively

Creating Customer Experience

  • Customer Experience: Organizational Level

    „The level of external service will never exceed the level of our internal service”

  • Customer Experience: Individual Level

    Our staff, who are in contact with our customers, manage the revenue taps.

  • Dealing With Difficult Situations

    The secret to dealing with difficult situations is to control and minimize our personal emotional involvement.

Effectiveness and Communication

  • Time Management, Personal Effectiveness

    Time is more than money! Time is life itself.

  • Effective Communication

    “If you wish to persuade me, you must think my thoughts, feel my feelings, and speak my words.” – Cicero

  • Overwhelm, Burnout

    Workplace burnout has reached 40% in the developed world. In such an environment, both peak performance and managing staff turnover are impossible.

  • Asserting Our Interest, Negotiation Techniques

    „You do not get what you want. You get what you negotiate.” (Harvey Mackay)

  • Presentation Techniques, Effective Presentations

    Present your products and solutions confidently and persuasively

  • Resilience, VUCA, Coping with Stress

    It is not true that change is constant. The nature of change has changed, and it becomes harder and harder to tolerate it.

Team Building and Collaboration

  • Team Collaboration

    Strong teamwork is the secret for ordinary people reaching extraordinary results.

  • Building Trust

    Trust is the foundation of teamwork. Without this, everything stops before even starting.

  • Outdoor Programs

    The reality of the outdoor environment is the best master.

Assessment and Diagnostics

  • Sales Assessments

    Our assessments are optimized for the sales profession and can be interpreted by anyone. They show what to develop in whom, who will perform, and who is not worth investing in.

  • DiSC®

    Personality Profile System as a development tool supporting self and people skills in the field of education and selection

  • Organizational Culture Assessment

    Culture provides the fertile soil for all organizational aspirations.

  • Assessing Leaders

    Developing leaders stars with deep self-awareness.

  • Personality Assessments

    Personality is difficult to perceive from the outside, and the process takes time as well. However, personality is the basis of all our thoughts, attitudes, and actions.

  • Employee Satisfaction Survey

    On the way to the flow experience

  • Social Network Analysis

    Look beyond the formal organizational processes and become aware of what is actually going on!


  • Harmonious Work Relationships

    DiSC® Personality Profile System, a self and people skills development tool for education and selection. Available in paper format and online version.

  • Training internal trainers

    DiSC® Personality Profile System as a self and people skills development tool for training and selection, unlocking the potential and power of culture in employees.

Attitude and Mindset

  • Reactive vs. Proactive Mindset

    We need proactive mindset at all levels for organizational effectiveness and the seamless implementation of changes.

  • Lack of Focus and Intentionality

    In our constantly changing lives, rich in stimuli, conscious focus is a rare and expensive asset.

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