Staff Turnover Issues

Staff Turnover Issues

Attract, keep, and develop your talent!

  • Employee Satisfaction & Engagement

    When employees are satisfied, they’ll likely stay. Don’t stop there! Make them engaged, and you remove looking for a job from their agenda.

  • Organizational Vision – Mission – Values

    One of the reasons of staff turnover is unclear direction, with too much uncertainty causing worry. Define those stable points that everyone can align with!

  • Building Trust

    Lack of trust boosts staff turnover – even if the pay is right. As a leader, we need to identify the reasons for the lack of trust and eliminate them.

  • Motivation

    Staff turnover can significantly increase when we don’t create an environment where the motivation of our people can be unleashed. Integrate motivating leadership practices into your way of managing people!

  • Coaching Essentials

    Our program places continuous development into the foreground of daily people management. If we fail to do this, we may retain the average workers, but certainly not the pros.

  • SLII®. Powering Inspired Leaders

    People leave when they do not get what they need to meet our expectations and keep their motivation. Give them the leadership style they need, depending on the situation!

  • Leadership Point of View

    If our people cannot read us, it will be difficult to keep them. Our unique program helps clarify for ourselves and them, what kind of leaders we are. This helps to elevate our relationship with them to a qualitatively higher level.

  • Assertive Communication

    The majority of staff turnover happens during the first day and weeks – partly because they feel they are not getting the attention they need in the critical period of integrating. How can we change that – even if we are very busy?

  • Blanchard Management Essentials

    Staff turnover is most prevalent at the frontline – where the managers tend to be the least evolved as leaders. Reinforce the foundational skills that play a key role in employee retention!

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