Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership Effectiveness

„The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority.” (Ken Blanchard)

  • Building Trust

    If we do not gain the trust of our team members, leading effectively becomes impossible. During the program, we map the main areas of trust, and provide suggestions to address deficiencies.

  • Motivation

    To reach our goals as leaders, we need an energized workforce. In case of our direct reports, we have the biggest influence on that. Unleash their internal drivers and let them thrive!

  • Coaching Essentials

    Our effectiveness can improve only if our people develop continuously as well. For that aim, we need the mindset and the skillset to integrate the coaching essentials into our day-to-day leadership.

  • SLII® – Powering Inspired Leaders

    Successful leaders manage their team members situationally. This is the foundation for attracting employees, unleashing their talent, and inspiring them to peak performance.

  • Team Leadership

    60% of workplace teams perform below expectations. To thrive, we need to understand the reasons, so we can apply the right leadership styles and methods with them.

  • Leading People Through Change

    The reason of failed organizational change efforts is that most of them are driven top-down, with minimal involvement. This leads to wasted time and money, low productivity, and increased employee turnover.

  • Performance Appraisal / Performance Management

    There are only a few companies where the stakeholders are satisfied with the goal setting and appraisal conversations. However, if we do them well, we can have a significant impact on both productivity and staff turnover.

  • Time and Stress Management for Leaders

    Amidst constant change and colliding priorities, planning and execution becomes difficult. In addition, the multitude of tasks and emails create stress, while we can only energize our team if we ourselves exude positivity.

  • Conversational Capacity

    Open and honest communication strengthens collaboration, spurs development, and builds trust. It is like the circulation in our bodies: it gives us strength and protects us from problems.

  • Leadership Point of View

    Do our team members know, why we lead them the way we do – what convictions and experiences drive us? Our unique program helps to elevate our leadership intentionality and our relationship with our team members to a qualitatively higher level, making execution smoother.

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