Building Trust

Building Trust

If we do not gain the trust of our team members, leading effectively becomes impossible. During the program, we map the main areas of trust, and provide suggestions to address deficiencies.

Who should attend:

Leaders at all levels

Ideal class size:



1/2 day

Trust is at the heart of every relationship, especially in the workplace. The strength of trust between leaders and team members has a major impact on staff turnover. When there is no trust, leaders withhold information, employees talk behind each other’s backs, do not dare to share their concerns, and avoid taking responsibility. This creates an unhealthy work environment with lower productivity poor morale, and increased staff turnover.

As the result of our Trust Building program, you will:
  • Increase performance: Your team members become more committed and give their best.

  • Drive innovation and creativity: People feel safe, so they communicate more openly, share their best ideas, and take more initiative.

  • Improve collaboration: Colleagues and teams help each other out, and work shoulder by shoulder to get things done.

  • Retain your talent: People are more likely to stay and endorse the company as a great place to work.

How to build trust?

We all know how important trust is in every relationship. Our Building Trust program is based on 30 years of research, where Blanchard’s experts built a simple but effective model. This creates a common language and framework about the specific behaviors we can use to build or restore trust.

Flexible format
Classroom (offline) training

The trainer and the participants meet personally in the classroom.

Virtual (online) training

We hold the program on an internet platform (e.g.: Teams).

Classroom or virtual training, run by your facilitators

We provide training support, with which the trainer can hold the program for the company's employees.

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