Outdoor Programs

Outdoor Programs

The reality of the outdoor environment is the best master.

  • Team Building Programs

    The most natural environment of team building is nature itself. It boosts the experience of the activities significantly, resulting in lasting, emotional experiences, which we never forget. We debrief and evaluate each activity thoroughly, so that the learnings become integrated into the everyday life of the team.

  • Team Building Experience Programs

    The goal of these programs is to provide the team with unique, unforgettable joint experiences. The emphasis here is not on joint learning, but on the enjoyment of the time spent together, and on providing lasting memories.

  • Personality-based Collaboration, DISC®

    If we see our differences not as a source of tension, but as an asset and approach our communication style with a personality-dependent starting strategy, we will be able to work more effectively and harmoniously with the DiSC® Personality System.

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