Team Building Programs

Team Building Programs

The most natural environment of team building is nature itself. It boosts the experience of the activities significantly, resulting in lasting, emotional experiences, which we never forget. We debrief and evaluate each activity thoroughly, so that the learnings become integrated into the everyday life of the team.

The experience of learning in nature

Rock climbing? White water rafting? Or just some easier challenges in the woods and fields? Anyone who has been on an outdoor program knows: the memories made here will be etched in your mind forever.

What is less obvious at first glance: nature works like a magnifying glass. If you give a team a task, within a few hours the main strengths and weaknesses of the team are revealed – in plain sight for all to see.

Experience is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. The exercises used are carefully planned and then debriefed in detail to see what the team has experienced and what lessons this can bring to their daily work.

The typical benefits of the (outdoor) team building programs:
  • Getting to know each other better: The outdoor environment and the unusual tasks force everyone to be themselves. This allows members to get to know each other faster and on a deeper level.

  • Bonding: Intense shared experiences create natural bonds between members.

  • Stronger communication, trust and cooperation: By evaluating the lessons learned from joint projects, the team understands what is needed to improve teamwork, which it is immediately given the opportunity to practice.

  • Better decision-making and problem-solving: Unusual tasks create decision situations that model the challenges of everyday work.

Our approach

Unlike classroom programs, where the focus is on putting together a professionally correct agenda, outdoor programs are a subjective genre. Training objectives can often be achieved through a variety of program elements representing different levels of physical and mental challenge. Therefore, the individual program elements are always designed in dialogue with the client leader, taking into account not only professional aspects and team characteristics, but also which exercises are appealing subjectively, and which are not.

What are our program elements?

Our team of experts has been working with these programs at home and abroad for more than 20 years. Our range of programs and tools reflects this: for example, we have organized events for hundreds of people, held programs in Iceland and several locations in the Alps... We cover the spectrum from small events to unique executive programs with exclusive challenges.

That’s why we don’t detail each program option separately on this website. If you are interested in this genre, please contact us to discuss!

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