Salesperson Development

Salesperson Development

“Low paid salesmen are expensive. High paid salesmen are cheap.” (Philip Kotler)

  • Salesperson assessment

    The skills of a salesperson can be mapped relatively easily. However, what about psychological factors like stress and rejection tolerance, wrong beliefs about sales, or the performance-blocking effects of too much empathy? How motivated and committed are they in the first place? Our assessment will reveal all this.

  • Negotiation Technique

    If you know yourself and know your “opponent”, you know what to expect. If you know yourself and you don’t know the “opponent”, your chances are equal. If you don’t know yourself and you don’t know the “opponent”, you’re bound to get into trouble.

  • Effective Business Presentations

    It does not help much to be good professionals if we cannot present our proposals and solutions convincingly. Our aim is to teach you how to deliver high quality, effective business presentations that you will enjoy, boosting your confidence, self-assurance and professional credibility.

  • Consultative Sales

    Product-focused sales belongs to the past. Get to know your customers, their desires and needs thoroughly, customize your solution, and build a long-term relationship with them!

  • Writing Persuasive Proposals

    Few people like to write proposals. One of the reasons is that they do not know exactly what constitutes a good proposal. We show the typical mistakes and provide a methodology to meet the challenge of proposal writing with ease.

  • Field Exercises

    When we spend a day with salespeople, as they interact with customers, their strengths and developmental areas really come to the light.

  • The Art of Sales

    Our program covers the full range of essential skills needed for sales success, from preparation, through the entire sales process and closing, to effectively maintaining the customer relationship.

  • Client Acquisition, Cold Calling

    Calling unknown customers and tolerating rejection constitutes a nightmare for most salespeople. However, cold calling works! We only need a clear process to follow, which gives us confidence and boosts our motivation.

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