Salesperson assessment

Salesperson assessment

The skills of a salesperson can be mapped relatively easily. However, what about psychological factors like stress and rejection tolerance, wrong beliefs about sales, or the performance-blocking effects of too much empathy? How motivated and committed are they in the first place? Our assessment will reveal all this.

Is your sales team overtrained?

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for a salesperson to have attended 4-6-8 different training sessions. Is it any wonder, then - especially in view of the self-confidence inherent in the profession - that they attend the next training session with a skeptical, „What else can you tell me?” attitude?

We also see that there are few sales teams where what is learned is put into practice on a daily basis. So it’s no use knowing the theory if the skills don’t reflect it. In addition, they are not aware of the unconscious factors that may be blocking their performance unnoticed.

Our individual sales assessment clearly shows all sales strengths and bottlenecks. This allows the manager and salesperson to focus sales training and coaching the areas that really matter.

We provide the following services as part of the Salesperson Assessment:
  • Comprehensive evaluation: We use online questionnaires and interviews to comb through all the critical elements that affect sales performance.

  • Detailed summary report and presentation: We document the results for the client manager and present and discuss the results and the resulting action plan in half a day.

  • Individual development plans: all managers and salespeople who participate in the project will also receive their individual results, showing their strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Feedback: at a later date, we will look at the results of the development.

Globally recognized and proven methodology

The Salesperson Assessment is conducted in collaboration with our strategic partner, the Objective Management Group (OMG). OMG has surveyed more than 2,000,000 salespeople and nearly 40,000 sales teams since 1989. The outstanding accuracy of the survey is due to the fact that OMG developed it specifically to map sales success, rather than adapting a system designed for other purposes (e.g. a personality survey, etc.).

OMG has consistently won the Top Sales World Gold Medal in the “Top Sales Assessments“category for 11 years.

Since sales performance can be affected by many other factors - such as the quality of sales systems, processes, leadership and culture - we recommend that you assess not only on your salespeople, but also on the sales organization itself with our Sales Force Evaluation.

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