Effective Business Presentations

Effective Business Presentations

It does not help much to be good professionals if we cannot present our proposals and solutions convincingly. Our aim is to teach you how to deliver high quality, effective business presentations that you will enjoy, boosting your confidence, self-assurance and professional credibility.

Who should attend:

Everyone running business presentations

Ideal class size:



3 days

“All speakers have butterflies in their gut, but for the pros they fly in formation.”

In our day-to-day communication, 55 percent of the first impression we make on our listeners is their body language and delivery, 38 percent is their tone of voice and only seven percent is what they say.

Audience members scrutinize the speakers from the moment they see them and decide whether they are worth listening to.

Our appearance and our posture also make a statement about ourselves and our credibility as a speaker, our business professionalism and establishes the audience's trust and openness towards us.

Polishing these areas is one of the easier things to change, but what do we do with our habits, our gestures, our look, our voice, that have been ingrained over decades?

We need to find our own personal “magic” strengths, which we can draw on to become aware of the potentials we need to hone.

As a result of the program:
  • By being more self-confident, by controlling stage fright, you will make a positive first impression and gain the trust of your audience.

  • With the methods you learn, you can sustain attention over the long term, even on a “drier” topic.

  • Full attention to the content and the audience during the presentation.

  • Non-verbal skills necessary for credibility (correct posture, gesticulation, eye contact, etc.) are already routinely used.

  • You learn to deal effectively with "troublemakers".

  • You create the impression of a professional speaker by using aids, even in the most unexpected situations.

  • You will be able to present in different styles to different business partners.

You learn how to give effective business presentations in a relaxed, fearless atmosphere. Each participant will receive a video recording of their 9-12 presentations delivered during the program.

The intensive program, practical advice and personalized feedback guarantee rapid learning success.

In our Effective Business Presentations program, we provide methods for business presentations to both small groups (2-5 people) and large audiences (100+ people).

Other options:

Follow-up program 

3-4 months after the training, we will provide concrete suggestions on how to apply the presentation techniques learned, and we will support our participants in refining their presentation techniques to make them more professional.

Person-specific presentation in practice

With the DiSC®® Personality Profile System, the ability to quickly identify the information receptiveness, motivation and communication style of your partners allows you to create a person-specific presentation style, thus optimally matching your presentation style to your partners' expectations. The effective transfer of theoretical knowledge is accelerated by exercises and role-plays.


During the application process, we support our participants - on demand - with coaching for concrete business presentation situations, feedback and development advice, action plans and follow-through.

Classroom (offline) training

The trainer and the participants meet personally in the classroom.

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