Field Exercises

Field Exercises

When we spend a day with salespeople, as they interact with customers, their strengths and developmental areas really come to the light.

A day in the wild

Most salespeople think they are better than they are. This is certainly due to the self-confidence required for the profession. And when asked how they sell, they recite beautifully what the big book says.

However, the truth is in the pudding! Let’s watch the salespeople in action with different clients and get a real picture of their attitude and skills.

The Field Exercises are useful in the following scenarios:
  • Before developing the sales team: Field exercises provide real information on strengths and areas for improvement. In addition, the trainer gets first-hand knowledge of the environment in which the salespeople work – key information for tailoring the training topics and exercises.

  • During the development of the salespeople: The training does not clearly show how much of what they have learned is incorporated into their sales practice. The field exercise will show which skill areas need further focus.

  • Developing sales managers: This is a triple field exercise. We will observe how the sales manager behaves during the sales call and how he coaches the salesperson before and after. This allows us to tailor the development of sales leadership skills.

How does it work?

In the classic version, we get into the salesperson’s car in the morning and accompany him or her to the meetings that day. Spending time together in the car also gives us plenty of opportunity to gather detailed information about all the factors that affect the salesperson. This includes external factors (market, product/service, customer base...) and internal factors (sales team systems, processes, culture, leadership, etc.).

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