Overwhelm, Burnout

Overwhelm, Burnout

Workplace burnout has reached 40% in the developed world. In such an environment, both peak performance and managing staff turnover are impossible.

  • Time and Stress Management for Direct Reports

    If we don’t manage our time well, the increasing pressure will suck our energy, and damages our decision-making ability as well. The aim of our program is not just to manage stress, but to eliminate it from our lives, and to spend as much time in flow as possible.

  • Self Leadership

    One aspect of burnout is that our people feel like they cannot control their lives, and they are drowning in the sea of expectations. We teach them how to regain control over their workplace lives, how to reach their goals, how to be mostly self-motivated, and reach peak performance.

  • Trust Building for Leaders

    The foundation of leadership is trust. If we do not create a trustful environment, no technique, tips, or tricks will help us. During the program, we map the main areas of trust, and provide suggestions to close the gaps.

  • Motivation

    One of the best strategies against burnout is to prevent it. We provide methods to reframe situations causing burnout, and to maximize our internal drivers, which provide us with steady energy.

  • Coaching Essentials

    The leading cause for burnout and overwhelm is more burden on your staff than they can handle. If we integrate development-focused leadership into our people management, it will help them to live up to our expectations, and to have more experiences of success. This creates a winning scenario for everyone involved.

  • SLII®. Powering Inspired Leaders

    Our people need different leadership styles, depending on the situation, to perform at their best. In the absence of these, they cannot cope with the growing expectations. However, if they get what they need when they need it, they can get in flow, and reach peak performance.

  • Delegation

    Overwhelmed leaders often delegate less than they should. You learn how to assign more work to your staff while being confident that they will execute them well.

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