One of the best strategies against burnout is to prevent it. We provide methods to reframe situations causing burnout, and to maximize our internal drivers, which provide us with steady energy.

Who should attend:

Leaders at all levels

Ideal class size:



2 days

With increasing pressures and stress, energizing ourselves and others becomes more and more challenging. As if people would only care about earning more and go home early. As a leader, we tend to feel that while it is our task to energize our team, we do not get the means to do that.

As the result of the Motivation program, you will:
  • Build on internal drivers: You uncover and strengthen those drivers that provide sustainable energy for your people to perform at their best.

  • Increase performance: You create the conditions for peak performance for your workforce, while they also have higher morale.

  • Decrease stress: Since the well-being of the workforce improves, stress and burnout diminish as a side effect – because we prevent, rather than manage them.

  • Energize ourselves as well: We must start motivating others with ourselves: our example and thriving are the foundation for energizing others.

Motivation is a skill

Motivation is primarily not a tool or an act, but a skill that can be developed. If we teach others how they can maintain their own energy at a high level, they will depend less on us for motivation. However, it is not enough if our people are only motivated if the conditions for peak performance are not present! During the program, we learn how to keep our own energy and performance on a high level – because that’s what is need to transfer that skill to others as a leader.

Flexible format
Classroom (offline) training

The trainer and the participants meet personally in the classroom.

Virtual (online) training

We hold the program on an internet platform (e.g.: Teams).

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