People index

People index

Our comprehensive EQ assessment helps in recognizing, understanding, and managing the individual emotions and behavioral styles. The detailed report specifies the individual strengths, and the critical social, interpersonal and communication competencies.

The role of emotional intelligence

The first thing that comes to mind about EQ is how we behave with our fellow human beings – how well we communicate, how well we can build lasting relationships, how we deal with conflict. But this is only the surface! It’s the deeper layers of EQ that determine how emotionally intelligent we react in heightened situations. This includes our ability to withstand stress, our ability to manage our emotions, and how trustworthy we are and to what extent we strive for continuous improvement and success.

We measure each of these factors because they determine how well we do when fate throws us a curve ball.

Our People Index assessment provides the following data:
  • Graphic representation: The strengths and areas for improvement are summarized visually so that you can see the main points immediately.

  • Detailed analysis: The data is presented one by one so that the areas for improvement can be clearly identified.

  • Analysis by category: We display separately the aggregated feedback from subordinates, colleagues, supervisors and the manager who completed the survey.

  • Development plan: Showing the proposed way forward.

The People Index is an individual EQ assessment. If you want to include the opinions of others, we recommend the 360-degreee EQ assessment.

What does the process look like?

The questionnaire can be completed online in 15-20 minutes, from which a feedback report is generated immediately. The information contained in it is easy for anyone to interpret. Along with this, a personal consultation will help you to understand the context accurately and put together a workable action plan.

We are preparing this assessment, adapted to domestic conditions, with our strategic partner

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