Facet 5

Facet 5

This assessment focuses on the classic “Big Five” facets of personality, and provides reliable, simple to interpret information about the innermost layers of our being.

The significance of personality

Personality is the core of our being: the most basic, inner traits that underlie all our thoughts, feelings and expressions. By assessing these basic dimensions, we can better understand a person’s behavior, motivations, aspirations and the impact these have on their work. This is of great use in employee selection, individual and group development, performance management, career and succession planning.

Our Facet5 assessment provides the following data:
  • Graphic representation: The individual features of the personality are represented visually, which makes it easier to interpret the information and compare it with others.

  • Detailed analysis: Each trait is explored and explained in detail, showing what the result means for the person.

  • Suggestions for use: The result is compared with classic profiles to show what it means from a leadership, motivational and team player perspective.

  • Leadership guidance: Detailed suggestions on how and in what environment to unleash one's potential as a leader.

Employee selection 

Our Facet5 survey can also be used for quick screening and selection of candidates. We can either measure them against a predefined job profile or work with you to create the desired profile based on your job requirements.

What does the process look like?

The questionnaire can be completed online in 20-30 minutes, and a feedback report is generated immediately. The information is easy for anyone to understand as it is jargon-free. At the same time, a personal consultation will help you to understand and interpret the context accurately.

We conduct this assessment, adapted to domestic conditions, in cooperation with our strategic partner Psidum.hu.

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