Business Motivators

Business Motivators

Our tool maps the business values and the internal, hidden drivers, showing the attitudes and the motivators. Thus, it highlights the underlying goals which determine our behavior.

What are our main drivers?

Our assessment reveals our primary inner, hidden drivers. What are our core values that drive us? What are the underlying attitudes? What are our main motivators? We will uncover the personal drivers that influence our behavior, decisions and actions, revealing the underlying goals that shape our everyday behavior at work. This will provide great support for selection decisions, career planning, team building, increasing job satisfaction by demonstrating motivational factors and developing self-awareness.

Our Business Motivators Assessment provides the following data:
  • Graphical representation: The six different drivers are also represented visually, making it very easy to interpret the results.

  • Detailed analysis: Each driver is explored and explained in detail, showing what the result that came out means for that person.

  • Comparative analysis: The strength of each attitude is compared to show which drivers determine the behavior primarily.

The Business Motivators assessment can also be used in groups, in which case the results of each respondent are presented at the group level.

What does the process look like?

The assessment can be completed online in 10 minutes and the feedback report is generated immediately. The information is easy to understand for anyone as it does not contain any jargon. At the same time, a personal consultation will help you to understand and interpret the context accurately.

We are preparing this assessment, adapted to domestic conditions, in cooperation with our strategic partner

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