Sales Force Evaluation

Sales Force Evaluation

Sales force performance depends – beyond the individuals – on the systems, the processes, the quality of leadership, coaching and motivation, among other factors. We point out the strengths and developmental areas in specific detail.

Not enough revenue? Not enough new customers? Is the sales cycle too long?

When we are not satisfied with the results, the first reflex is often to start a training process. But these problems usually have more than one root cause! Among these, lack of skills is often not the most important reason – but it is the one that takes the most resources to develop.

Our survey maps out the skills, attitudes, hidden performance blocks and the motivation of salespeople, including: who can execute the company's strategy, who is not in the right role, who has still potential and who isn’t worth investing in. In addition, we show how well the sales systems, strategies, processes and management culture support the team's development, and what specifically needs to be done to move forward.

Our Sales Force Assessment provides the following:
  • Comprehensive “X-ray and MRI”: We use online questionnaires and interviews to scour all areas critical to sales success.

  • Detailed summary report and presentation: The results and the recommended action plan are documented, then presented and discussed in half a day executive meeting.

  • Individual development plans: All managers and salespeople involved in the project will also receive their individual results, showing their strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Potential analysis: We show you how much sales performance could be if all bottlenecks were removed. This helps to determine the potential return on investment.

Globally recognized and proven methodology

We conduct the assessment in collaboration with our strategic partner, the Objective Management Group (OMG). OMG has surveyed more than 2,000,000 salespeople and nearly 40,000 sales teams since 1989. The outstanding accuracy of the survey is due to the fact that OMG developed it specifically to map sales success, rather than adapting a system designed for other purposes (e.g. a personality survey, etc.).

OMG has consistently won the Top Sales World Gold Medal in the “Top Sales Assessments“category for 11 years.

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