Sales Candidate Assessment

Sales Candidate Assessment

We support the selection of the best salespeople with an accurate, customizable tool, which assesses all the qualities of the candidates that are necessary for sales success.

How do we know which candidate will work?

Because salespeople are the best of all professions at selling themselves, it is difficult to gather real information about what they can do through interviews. The Assessment Center (AC) is more thorough, but also more time-consuming and it is difficult to assess more than 4-6 skills in one session.

Our online candidate assessment, on the other hand, reveals all the skills, attitudes, mental blocks and motivational factors needed for sales success – not just in general, but in the context of your specific market environment, sales strategy and management culture. So it tells you not just whether they can sell, but whether they will succeed in the given job. We guarantee the answer to this question.

Our Candidate Assessment contains the following services:
  • Assessing an unlimited number of candidates: The fee depends only on the number of positions to be filled. There is no limit to the number of reports that you request until the positions are filled.

  • Position-specific assessment: Screening takes into account your market, your job requirements, your sales strategy, your target clientele, your pricing and other factors. We determine the probability of success in the light of these job-specific parameters.

  • Easy to interpret screening report: Most importantly, we predict with 92% accuracy who will succeed and who won’t. Moreover, we provide clear guidelines for interviews.

  • Development plan: We automatically generate a development plan for candidates who are hired. This identifies the areas to focus on during onboarding.

Transform the pre-screening process!

Pre-screening typically starts with a quick sorting of CVs; half to two-thirds of candidates get ditched here. This is followed by further narrowing down – interviews, possibly AC, until 2-3 candidates remain in the shortlist. Usually it is at this stage that some kind of questionnaire is used – not earlier, because no one wants to spend more on these than they have to.

This way, too many subjective aspects get mixed up in the selection process. Maybe the best sales people don’t put as much effort into writing a CV because they are not desperate for a job. They may not be the most friendly at the interview – but that has little to do with sales success. In other words, it is common that our final 2-3 candidates are not the best after all, because they are eliminated during pre-screening.

Hence, we allow you to filter any number of candidates, so you don’t have to save money on the online surveys! In this context, we recommend that our online Candidate Assessment be the first step in your selection process. In this way:

  • You increase the number of suitable candidates – as they are not eliminated based on subjective factors
  • ACs becomes redundant – you will have much more data than could ever be revealed in an AC.
  • Interviews are more targeted – because you know exactly what to ask
  • Fewer interviews required – as you don’t waste time on mediocre candidates

The result: a more efficient, faster and, above all, more accurate screening process that requires far fewer resources.


Globally recognized and proven methodology

The Candidate Assessment is conducted in collaboration with our strategic partner, the Objective Management Group (OMG). OMG has surveyed more than 2,000,000 salespeople and nearly 40,000 sales teams since 1989. The outstanding accuracy of the survey is due to the fact that OMG developed it specifically to map sales success, rather than adapting a system designed for other purposes (e.g. a personality survey, etc.).

OMG has consistently won the Top Sales World Gold Medal in the “Top Sales Assessments“category for 11 years.

If you have a high turnover rate among salespeople than you would like, we recommend conducting a Sales Force Assessment. This will identify gaps that are preventing good people from staying with the company.

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