Blanchard Management Essentials

Blanchard Management Essentials

We focus on the essential skills that we need over the entire performance management cycle: goal setting, giving feedback, active listening, asking effective questions, and communicating clearly.

Who should attend:

New, future and veteran leaders

Ideal class size:



1 day

Most managers do not get trained in the foundational skills that are indispensable for initial success. Many say, “We will train them once they prove themselves!” However, the experiences of the first 6-18 months sink in deeply. If we rely on our instincts in this period, our bad habits stay with us for a long time – along with declining productivity and rising turnover.

Our program is also ideal for veteran leaders who need to strengthen their foundations – especially in the face of rising expectations, motivational challenges of the new generations, and increasing labor market pressures.

As the result of our Blanchard Management Essentials program, you will:
  • Accelerate success: You put your managers on a fast track, because you provide them with the fundamental skills needed for success.

  • Reduce turnover: Managers avoid common mistakes that create tension and dampen employee engagement.

  • Develop future leaders: The strengthened foundations help you to develop the skills of your managers and help them build successful careers.

  • Improve collaboration: Managers support, develop and motivate their staff more effectively, creating partnerships and better working relationships.

What are these foundations?

Blanchard's research has shown that the effectiveness of day-to-day management depends first and foremost on the success of the discussions we have with our colleagues. Four of these are key, and to conduct them effectively we need four basic skills:

The Blanchard Management Essentials program builds on the messages of the best-selling book, The One Minute Manager. The content has been adapted to the needs of modern-day managers, where the challenges of motivating, developing, attracting and retaining talented people are far greater than they were years ago. Throughout the practice-oriented program, we use real-life examples to develop the attitudes and skills of managers.

Flexible format
Classroom (offline) training

The trainer and the participants meet personally in the classroom.

Virtual (online) training

We hold the program on an internet platform (e.g.: Teams).

Classroom or virtual training, run by your facilitators

We provide training support, with which the trainer can hold the program for the company's employees.

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