Team Leadership

Team Leadership

60% of workplace teams perform worse than expected. In order to thrive, we need to understand the reasons, so that we can apply the appropriate leadership styles and methods.

Who should attend:

Workplace and project team leaders

Ideal class size:



1 day

Extraordinary results are produced by teams these days – be it direct reports or cross-functional teams. Improperly led teams, however, can waste much time and energy, which becomes most obvious at meetings. This way, it does not help to bring together a multitude of various skills, viewpoints and backgrounds, which would bear key importance when tackling complex organizational issues, because decision making will not work, and we also destroy creativity.

As the result of Blanchard’s Team Leadership program, you will:
  • Improve collaboration: High-performance teams bring together complementary skills, strengths and experience, and are therefore able to achieve much more than the sum of the individuals.

  • Achieve superior results: Effective teams are empowered and take responsibility for strategy execution and reaching goals consistently.

  • Improve innovation: Working together, team members share their different ideas and viewpoints that offer innovative solutions to problems.

  • Keep talent: One of the strongest forces keeping people in the company are cohesive workplace teams. This provides emotional safety and energy that attracts and keeps talent.

Leadership is the key to team effectiveness

Team Leadership is a practice-oriented skill building program. It provides team leaders all the processes, tools and skills that they need to empower team members, improve productivity, and set up their teams for success, because they can accomplish their initiatives.

Blanchard’s experts have been studying the dynamics of great teams since decades. Teams progress through predictable stages of development, in which they need a variety of team leadership styles to reach their peak performance.

Flexible format
Classroom (offline) training

The trainer and the participants meet personally in the classroom.

Virtual (online) training

We hold the program on an internet platform (e.g.: Teams).

Classroom or virtual training, run by your facilitators

We provide training support, with which the trainer can hold the program for the company's employees.

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