Self Leadership

Self Leadership

The essence of being proactive is to anticipate problems, to act in an empowered way, and to take responsibility for the results. Our program provides the mindset and skillset needed for this.

Who should attend:

Frontline leaders and key personnel

Ideal class size:



1 day

Unleash the potential of your people!

Who does the work in your company? The silent majority, without whose competent, dedicated work nothing gets done. Proactive frontline employees who think in advance, are willing to make decisions and take responsibility in delicate situations are essential to the success of the organization. They are the reason why a company is productive, innovative, and able to effectively manage organizational changes in today's uncertain environment.

As the result of Blanchard’s Self Leadership program, you will:
  • Accelerate development: Your staff takes their development into their own hands. They ask for the guidance and feedback they need to become pros faster.

  • Increase performance: Empowered employees are more engaged, consistently work hard and improve productivity across the organization.

  • Increase accountability: Employees hold themselves accountable for how well they achieve goals and execute their tasks.

  • Fast-track innovation: Your people know how to overcome the barriers that prevent them from solving problems and developing innovative solutions.

What do you need for an independent and empowered work culture?

Blanchard's Self Leadership program is based on SLII®, the most widely taught leadership model in the world. It focuses on the proactive skills that – according to the latest research –are needed to help our people work most effectively. In the program, you will learn the attitudes and skills needed to proactively ask for the direction, support, and feedback you need to excel, and to “sell” your ideas and solutions to your managers to be successful.

Flexible format
Classroom (offline) training

The trainer and the participants meet personally in the classroom.

Virtual (online) training

We hold the program on an internet platform (e.g.: Teams).

Classroom or virtual training, run by your facilitators

We provide training support, with which the trainer can hold the program for the company's employees.

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