Assessing Leadership Styles

Assessing Leadership Styles

How flexibly can you apply different leadership styles? How effectively do you match them to the needs of your team members? Our assessment provides the data you need to improve the situational use of your leadership styles.

How well do I lead situationally?

54% of managers do not differentiate between their staff members: they all manage in essentially the same way. The rest tend to differentiate their treatment depending on the personality, preferences, skills and motivation of the employee – but there may be other variables.

So how well do we actually lead our staff situationally? Are we giving them what they need to succeed? Our questionnaire explores the situational application of the four main leadership styles.

The Leadership Styles Assessment shows the following:
  • Style Flexibility: Do we always use one style or are we able to use several leadership styles if necessary?

  • Style Effectiveness: It is not enough to be flexible, if we choose a style that does not fit the needs of the person. To what extent does your leadership style foster the development, motivation and development of the other person?

  • Our primary, secondary and developing styles: The latter can also lead to blind spots, because we are less likely to notice when someone needs them.

  • Misused styles: What are the leadership styles we consistently misuse and what should we do instead?

Our leadership style assessment is an integral part of our SLII®
. Powering Inspired Leaders
program. Decades of international research support the validity of the results.

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